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Today's nominee is Vanderbilt guard, John Jenkins, and his stunning essay about...meat? Women? Women who don't eat meat? It manages to be both sexist and anthropological and pro-meat.


From the Vandy student who found the paper: In the freshman dorms at Vanderbilt University, there are classrooms in the basement where there are computers hooked up to projectors. They often have classes in these rooms. I found this paper on the computer from one, John Jenkins. Anytime someone says the athletes at 'smart' schools are smarter than big state schools, they are FUCKING IDIOTS.


Illustration for article titled Americas Dumbest Student-Athlete Nominee: John Jenkins, Vanderbilt University

John Jenkins



Meat eating and the status of women

Women and their decision to eat meat has become a hot topic in the world today. In the early years women would eat meat just as much as men would and would make sure there was some kind of meat on the table for their family to eat. Meat was said to give you strong bones and keep you alive with energy throughout your day. There was not much of an emphasis on whether the meat was healthy for you or if it was going to make you sick the next day. There were also no questions on what kind of animal was getting killed to fill their stomachs up. Meat was a lot like other things in the household, they were hard to come by. Meat would be hunted and went through a large process before anybody would have thought about eating it. In today's world I guess you could say in the twenty-first century that we are considered spoiled. We no longer have to go out and hunt our own food or go out the way to go buy some. Meat is packaged in almost every grocery store in America. The only issue now is that many people, mostly women are becoming more aware of what the animals are going through, and they are focusing on eating healthier and becoming vegans or vegetarians. There are very few men that have made this decision to become vegetarians and vegans, just like in previous years when the meat was being hunted and killed, if you did not eat meat you would have been considered feminine and looked at as not apart of being a man.

Eating meat gives men that sense of dominance over a man that does not eat meat. A man that is a vegetarian or a vegan is almost frowned upon in the world today. Meat has become apart of a man's identity, and he believes that he should have at least one meat on his plate for every food period of the day. While women are looked at differently if they do not eat meat, they usually have their own personal reasons for not eating it. Some women recently become vegetarians because of what they see in the newspapers, television, or online. Technology has made it more available for women to see what goes on and the process of how the meat is made. There are many farms that are very cruel to animals and the stories behind all of the animal cruelty are starting to become more popular on vegetarian websites to let many of the people know that it is not right for animals to have to go through the pain and being killed, just so we can feed one another. Many vegetarians and vegans feel as though there are other ways to have a good meal without forcing animals to be tortured in their farms. Women that have recently become vegetarians are not always vegetarians because of the torture farms they see and read about, they simply stop eating meat because of the health concerns that it provides for them and their bodies. In today's world many of the women are looked at and expected to have fit and trim bodies for their sport that they play or maybe because it makes them feel secure about themselves. The women that are participating in this way of not eating meat are most likely able to start eating meat again when they time is convenient they are not always just going to be vegetarians, only until they have reached their certain goal weight or goal look then they will start going back eating meat.

Vegetarians have increased their population and it is increasing at the moment, vegetarians have become more popular by the day there are various websites not only telling you about the history of vegetarians but also letting you know about what is good to eat for you, famous people that have chose to be vegetarians, and also many of the websites talk about being a vegetarian for the cruelty of animals. I know and are friends with a ton of vegetarians and many of them have chose to be one because they do not agree on how they are treated in animal farms. The cruelty of animals is a big reason why vegetarians choose not to eat meat. When a human being, most likely a woman sees on a website or a television show that an animal is being tortured and killed in order for them to be fed it affects there life. It gives them the sense that the animal is no better than them, and they would never want to be killed to feed someone's family. People that I have encountered that are vegetarians often cannot even stand the smell of meat after they have abandoned it for a while. They smell the food and immediately think of the animal being killed and other bad thoughts. As we discussed in class it might even be tough in a way to order a meal with meat in it if a vegetarian was to treat you to some sort of dinner at a restaurant. While some people would have a hard time wondering if the person would be mad others would often think it was rude because the person treating you probably does not want to watch you eat meat for the whole meal. In class we also talked about in some households if someone does not eat meat when the person preparing it cooks it, it can also be looked at as rude and disrespectful. On the same day of class many students talked about their own personal experiences with vegetarians. One student pointed out that his sister was a vegetarian and was almost frowned upon by the rest of her family because she was not being "normal" like the rest of her family. Being a women and the only vegetarian in the family could be difficult also. Women are usually looked upon to prepare meals for the family, but if the family eats meat it could be tough for the women to even touch the meat nevertheless eat it. In the sexuality of meat article it describes women's roles when it comes to preparing food and meat for their families particularly their husbands, they are heavily depended on to handle meat on a daily basis.

In class we watched many commercials on sexuality and meat and how it was used to appeal to many of the males that watched it. The commercials usually consisted of women who would seem to be eating the largest burgers restaurants had but eating it in a sexual way. They would often lick their lips and spill it on their clothes, often smiling at the camera or keeping their "sexy" look. Many of the women had a limited amount of clothes on. This would often get the attention of many women so therefore the restaurants know it would have some kind of appeal to men. The interpretations of these commercials that come out are clearly to sell the meat by also selling the sexuality of the women. These commercials can appeal to men of many ages and therefore this can up the popularity of a new item coming out for their business. Many vegetarian websites counter this by making fun of the commercials with their own or even using other attractive women to sell their product that maybe they are trying to promote. For example in class we saw how a vegetarian website used attractive women to sell one of their products that they were selling, proving to meat lovers that attractive girls can also be vegetarians. These type websites are now strong and popular enough to battle other meat websites because of the fact that people have crossed over and became vegetarians mainly because of what a website has to say about the cruelty of animals and how much meat can be bad for you. There could possibly be a statement saying that people who believe in it are gullible but after one or two people take a side it is much easier to persuade others in believing it.

The articles we read in class on Kheel and Adam seemed to be written in a very biased way. The two articles has no problem pointing out how women were right in becoming vegetarians and that people that eat meat are promoting the cruelty of animals in their own way. This is the impression I received when reading this. I focused more intently on the concept of where I thought the author was coming from in which they really believe in the defense of animals. While both articles are not all about damaging the meat eaters, it definitely does not defend them in many ways. Women are not always becoming vegetarians because they do not agree with the cruelty being possessed to the animals. In my opinion most of the women are doing it for health reasons and in some point in their life will probably eat or at least try meat again at some point. When I look at both of their arguments it kind of has an affect on how I look at the commercials, before reading these articles I would have no sympathy for the cruelty of animals because I have been eating meat for so long, but now that I have researched why many people make the decision to be vegetarians I have a lot of respect for them. Watching the commercials that they made also gave me more appreciation for their values and their animal cruelty concerns.



Better, but MORE please. There are worse examples than this. We've had another bounty placed out on Duke from a generous benefactor — $200 to the mole who uncovers a dumb Dukie completely exploiting the system. And if you need further information about what we're doing, be sure to read here.

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