The Search For America's Dumbest Student-Athlete Starts Now

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We all know that many of today's student-athletes at universities across the country do very little work inside the classroom. This series will showcase how ridiculously bare the bare minimum can be.

Take for example this essay, which has been circulating around. It was allegedly written by a former DePaul basketball player as part of his intro to writing class, and it offers a good example of the type of thing we're looking for.


So come on, faculty and students: you know you've seen thousands of these essays and scoffed and perhaps were angered by them and the notion that higher education has anything to do with big-time college sports. Maybe you've even taken some money on the side to re-write some of these essays. This is the opportunity to show how your university is, in some cases, probably doing more harm than good. We won't name you, but we will name the dumb-dumb, if necessary.

Send along your submission to Subject: "America's Dumbest Student-Athlete." Once all the submissions are compiled, we'll take a vote. The winning entry will get a donation to the offending school's alumni fund.


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