Amidst Lockout, NBA Players, Executives Awkwardly Ask Each Other To Dance

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Remember how when Yao Ming retired after nine years in Houston, they weren't allowed to call him or release a comment? One of the side effects of the lockout is that players can't have any contact with their teams, so we were forced to imagine Yao sitting at home, staring at the phone, not understanding why the Rockets weren't calling. Sad!

Chris Bosh got married this weekend, and the NBA granted permission for Heat execs to attend. I'm glad that was more important than poor Yao, crying his little heart out.

But while Heat stars James, Wade and Juwan Howard were seated in an area separate from the executives, they later mingled on the dance floor with team general manager Pat Riley, coach Erik Spoelstra, vice president Nick Arison, the son of Heat owner Micky Arison and former Heat all-star Alonzo Mourning, who now works in player relations. They got special permission from the league to attend the glitzy bash together.

One guest said, "The players were on one side of the ballroom, the executives on the other, and later they met on the dance floor."


Sounds like every middle school dance, both sides standing nervously on their side of the gym, just waiting for someone to break the tension. Meanwhile, no one has asked Yao to dance. (The Rockets were later granted permission to send a representative to Yao's retirement press conference in Shanghai.)

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