It's sort of inexplicable how Toronto's Amir Johnson was able to get away with this. He takes the pass, dribbles to just outside the lane, picks up his dribble, pump fakes, pump fakes, and drives for a short jumper. By the game clock, it took him nearly four full seconds between putting the ball on the floor, and he wasn't whistled.

Johnson's shit-eating grin as he runs back up the court puts this solely on the refs. Bennett Salvatore was repositioning himself along the baseline, Scott Wall in front of the Toronto bench had his eye on a pick in the corner, but Eric Dalen, at the bottom of your screen, appeared to have his eye on the ball the whole time. How was it missed? Maybe the double dribble was so casual, so unrepentant, it didn't even look like a transgression. Refs are trained to look for things that skirt the rules—Johnson just ignored the rules altogether.

Or, hell, maybe I'm crazy and it wasn't a foul. The Raptors broadcast team didn't see anything wrong.

[via Ball Don't Lie]