Someone let Rick Reilly® anchor the West Coast edition of SportsCenter again, and sweet sassy molassy was he awful.

How awful? Let us consult Twitter. First, everyone had questions:

Why is Rick Reilly doing SportsCenter?

Why is Rick Reilly doing Sportscenter highlights?

Why is Rick Reilly doing highlights on Sportscenter?

Why do I have to watch Rick Reilly run down highlights? #gaack

Ughh why is Rick Reilly anchoring SportsCenter now?

why in the hell is rick reilly hosting sports center

What the hell is Rick Reilly doing on Sportscenter?! Make it stop!

What the fuck is Rick Reilly doing anchoring SportsCenter? He is GOD awful. Please stop the insanity.

Why is Rick Reilly anchoring SportsCenter? This is horrendous.

Why is Rick Reilly doing hosting SportsCenter......this is AWEFUL!!!!!

Why is Rick Reilly hosting Sports Center? Why are you shoving him down my throat, ESPN?

Ummm...anyone wanna tell me why Rick Reilly (tm) is hosting SportsCenter?

Seriously- why the fuck IS Rick Reilly hosting Sportscenter?!

Who thought it was a good idea to let Rick Reilly anchor SC?

Who's bright idea was it to put Rick Reilly on Sportscenter?

rick reilly a sportscenter anchor? WTF?

Rick Reilly hosting @SportsCenter ? Nooooooo!!!!!

Then came the reviews. A few were understated ...

I don't like that Rick Reilly is a Sportscenter anchor now.

Rick Reilly looks real uncomfortable co-anchoring sportscenter!

Rick Reilly anchoring Sportscenter...interesting.

Rick Reilly anchoring SportsCenter. #fail

... others, less so:

Reilly sucks Linda Cohen penis! Get him off

Three took an epistolary approach:

dear twitter, please never let Rick Reilly anchor sportscenter ever again...not once, not never...hopefully, joshua

Dear #ESPN, please keep Rick #Reilly off #Sportscenter, for the love of God, the last time he wasn't awkward, he was asleep.

Dear ESPN: What can we do to keep Rick Reilly off of the SportsCenter desk? I am willing to pay something if that helps.

Some could express his awfulness only in relation to other awful things:

Rick Reilly, you are the Mark Madsen dancing of ESPN SportsCenter anchors. #espn #fail

2day..heard Joe Brown call hockey & saw Rick Reilly host SC. Could watch my dog get shot tmrw & 2day would still be my worst day of the week

Rick Reilly has to be the worst Sportscenter Anchor ever. I mean I'd rather listen to an hour of Berman than this fool.

I rather listen to the Jonas Brothers or Taylor Swift than listening to Rick Reilly...smh.

speaking of Rick Reilly anchoring SportsCenter? No worse than hiring Jonathan "The Coach" Coachman from WWE as an anchor.

Rick Reilly on SportsCenter is as brutal as me trying to play basketball.

Egad, they're letting Rick Reilly host #SportsCenter. So it's a choice between turning to a real estate infomercial or gouging my eyes out.

Rick Reilly now mailing in SportsCenter. ESPN pulling a Grady Little with him.

Rick Reilly on SportsCenter = trainwreck

Three cited famous comic idioms:

Rick Reilly on SportsCenter: 2 minutes in, two major mistakes. I expect to hear him bust out a "Sweet Sassy Molassy" any minute now...

ok can we PLEASE get Rick Reilly off the Sportscenter desk?! he is stinkin the joint up right now... boom goes the dynamite!

Rick Reilly is fast approaching boom goes the dynamite territory.

Two expressed nausea and existential dread:

Rick Reilly doing SportsCenter LA...I think I'm going to throw up

Rick Reilly hosting sportscenter is some kind of very bad sign. I may just stay inside for a few weeks.


Certain reviews addressed ESPN directly ...

Rick Reilly is AWFUL on SportsCenter. Never again ESPN.

I'm accepting ideas on appropriate punishments for ESPN for allowing Rick Reilly to host SportsCenter.

Rick Reilly should not be a sportscenter anchor. Please get him off the air

Sportscenter, please stop the Rick Reilly experiment. He's terrible and makes watching my favorite show brutally painful

Rick Reilly should not be a sportscenter anchor. Please get him off the air

Rick Reilly on ESPN @ 6am ouch! Come on guys #fail, seriously you couldn't find anyone else to fill in


... and others offered career advice to Reilly himself:

Rick Reilly... PLEASE don't do Sportscenter again!

Watchin rick reilly anchor sportscenter is a catastrophe...dude gotta stick to writing dis aint doin dude any justice! CMON SON!!

Words cannot describe how much I hate Rick Reilly on Sportscenter. Stick to writing self-aggrandizing and empty columns Rick!

Rick Reilly. Stop anchoring SportsCenter. And don't read the prompter on a single shot when it's a two-shot open. Stick to writing bro.

Rick Reilly is co-anchoring SportsCenter. Can't he just stay away from TV and stick to a medium where he can just re-hash articles? Ugh...

I agree about Rick Reilly, he was garbage on SportsCenter. He should stick to treacle-sweet human interest stories.

Rick Reilly is not a very good anchor on SportsCenter. Stick to writing.

Rick Reilly has no business anchoring SportsCenter or being on camera period stick with the keyboard.

Rick Reilly is anchoring SportsCenter. Note to Rick: stick to writing...circa 1980. The Tiger comm. from yesterday was completely ridiculous

why the fuck is rick reilly doing sportscenter? just stick to your shitty writing

Why is Rick Reilly anchoring SportsCenter? He is annoying and quite corny, stick to writing.

What is Rick Reilly doing on Sportscenter? Rick, you're a writer, not a broadcaster. Pick up the pen and put the mic down.

Rick Reilly should get a job with FOX News, he's got that smell about him.

A handful offered a technical critique:

Rick Reilly just suigued from one college bball game to another by saying "Now to college basketball". Dumbass.

rick reilly's hosting the 1am eastern sportscenter... right off the top, he's looking at the wrong camera. love it

Will someone PLEASE tell Rick Reilly that he needs to look at Camera 1?

Rick Reilly just did the entire opening of SportsCenter looking into the wrong camera. Made him look blind.

Rick Reilly's hosting Sportscenter LA?? And he already screwed up, looking in the wrong camera. What a douche. GTFO

Rick Reilly is doing highlights on Sportscenter right now. He is AWFUL. You can see him clearly reading the teleprompter. Way to go ESPN.

Worst sports voices #3 - Rick Reilly. Always the cadence of a vaudeville straight man setting up a punchline. Always.

Only Rick Reilly could ruin a John Wall Kentucky basketball highlight...

And, finally, someone asked "the real question":

The real question...does anyone actually like Rick Reilly? I find myself changing the channel everytime he comes on ESPN...


Why, yes, as it happens. There's this guy:

Rick Reilly co-anchoring Sportscenter? I'm all for it!

Sadly, our lone peppy voice was quickly shouted down:


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