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An Astounding Lack Of Field Vision

This handsome gentleman is Darius Johnson, a high school running back in Kansas. This season, he ran for more than 1,000 yards and is beloved by his teammates. He has had a difficult life, though; he has sickle cell anemia, his mother died of cancer when he was 10 and, oh yeah ... he's legally blind.

No, seriously: According to his uncle, he can only see two feet in front of him when he's on the field. That makes him a terrible driver, but it does still exceed the nearsightedness of Ron Dayne, so that's something.


He says contacts, glasses, Lasik, nothing works, nothing helps, and that his site is supposed to get worse. He's a senior, and even though he hasn't been recruited by any major universities, we are pretty sure he's gonna get a call from Ron Zook here pretty soon.

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