An Interview With The Facebook Princess

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A couple of weeks ago, we abandoned all pretense of the high, proper standards of sports blogging and just directed you to Facebook photos of Florida State "superfan" Jenn Sterger. Now she's going to be in Maxim in a couple of months, in Playboy after that and, in the biggest coup, is giving interviews to bloggers. A highlight:

I just chalk up all the questions to having an amazing surgeon. I'm sure he is enjoying all the free press he is getting, as almost any message from a girl on my is always about, I WANT YOUR DOCTORS NUMBER! It s kinda flattering. But you will get your occasional haters. If the only way you can insult me is by pulling the "fake boob card," by all means get some new material buddy. How original. Hey, it was MY money, a great investment, and damn it, I am gonna shake what the doctor gave me.

Well, yeah, Barry Bonds said the same thing; his boobs are fake too.

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(Note: In the story, Sterger talks about taking a football trivia contest with an editor from Maxim named Eric. In the interests of full disclosure, this editor Eric is actually a friend of ours and a fellow editor at our other site, The Black Table. And this is absolutely true: Eric is constantly being schooled on football by girls, dogs, lamps, lawn furniture.)