An Interview With The "Lee Corso Is A Penis" Guy

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Remember that guy who held up that "Lee Corso Is A Penis" sign behind the ESPN ranter a few weeks ago? Rammer Jammer Yellow Hammer has an interview with the guy. Fittingly, the guy wouldn't give this last name because, of course, he wants to work for ESPN.

I took the sign, rolled it up and located a place to stand by looking at what signs were on the big screen. Then I got on the shoulders of my buddy, Kent, and waited until they cut the camera back to Corso. Once the camera was back on, I blindly held the sign up with my view of the screen blocked by some other sign. As a roar of laughter went over the crowd I realized that, yeah, the sign must be up there.


He was later pulled down by cops and found out later that his picture was all over the Internet. And it's a great picture. Not a GREAT picture, but, yeah, not too shabby.

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