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Well, we're on day two of the Carolina Panthers cheerleaders story, and, frankly, we're not seeing much letup in the demand for more news news news! And we're with you. Today's big scoop (and big "ups," as the kids say) goes to the fine lads at YAYSports! who have brand-new EXCLUSIVE! photos culled from some pretty exhaustive Web searching, including this one, of Renee and Angela. They also have a great one of Renee and her father, who, as they put it, "presumably had a perfectly normal day at the office on Monday." We dug up some stuff too, most notably Renee's profile on a motorcross Web site where she used to post occassionally. She's apparently a motocross junkie; she started posting when she was still in college.

As you've surely heard, both women were dismissed by the Panthers, which they foolishly believe is a good PR move. The women have also been offered money to pose in Penthouse, which is so obvious we're kind of surprised they didn't do it before all this.

By the way, just conjecture here: We think Angela is the instigator in this whole matter; she looks like trouble, if you ask us. Not bad trouble, mind you; just trouble.

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(Update: Look! Video of the ladies! Unfortunately, not from the bathroom cam.)