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An Odd Way To Get Your Coach Off Your Back

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Because we're just the kind of sniggering, obnoxious, wisenheimer 14-year-olds you think we are, we thought we'd giggle a bit this morning at Steelers lineback Joey Porter, who is in serious danger of becoming a staple around these parts.

Last night, after his game-clinching touchdown in the Steelers' win over the Dolphins, Porter kissed coach Bill Cowher on the cheek. And it's not for the reason you'd were thinking (that he was trying to initiate intercourse).

"I love the guy for real man and it was just out of the moment," Porter said. "You know, he was right there hugging me and wouldn't let me go, so I just like (Porter makes a kissing sound) to get him away from me."


Cowher's reaction: "I was pretty excited," a statement we would make fun of were Cowher not pretty much the most heterosexual man on earth. Meanwhile, in the land of non-kissing players, the Dolphins — who represent the heterosexual capital of the United States, after all — have to be someone concerned with Daunte Culpepper, who kind looked like, uh, like he did last year. Maybe he could use some sort or trip or vacation or something.

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