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On Faith And Fear In Flushing yesterday, Jason Fry wrote that the Opening Night game between the Cardinals and Mets at Busch Stadium last night was lose-lose for the Mets and win-win for the Cardinals. A Mets loss would remind of misery, and a win would just remind of what could have been; meanwhile, we Cardinals fans would joyously accept a win, and, if they lost, we'd be more than happy to just stare at that World Championship flag flapping in center field.

Well, the Mets cruised, and Fry's pretty much dead-on: We didn't weep too much last night. Chris Carpenter can't pitch like that all season, So Taguchi will eventually remember how to catch a fly ball and, hey, worst case, we've got Braden Looper pitching Wednesday! It's an odd feeling, watching Opening Day and not being the least bit bothered by a loss, but hey, that's the new reality over here. Check back in if the Birds start 0-7; we suspect the level of grump will be raised to orange by then.


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