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"Anal Charles," "Python Manning": What Happens When An Article Gets Mangled By Spellcheck

Reader Colin alerted us to this fantasy football advice column, published yesterday afternoon, and offered a theory. It was composed totally on an iPhone, and autocorrect had its way with the player names. That's not a terrible guess.

Here's what we spotted. Can you find any more?

• Wayne Bowes (Dwayne Bowe)
• Rowdy White (Roddy White)
• Emeritus Thomas (Demaryius Thomas)
• Joe Flacon (Joe Flacco)
• Anal Charles (Jamaal Charles)
• Darren Cadent (Darren McFadden)
• Python Manning (Peyton Manning)


(Screenshots for when it inevitably gets fixed.)

This, needless to say, is the best fantasy football advice column ever. I don't think the blame lies with writer Mike Beacom (are we sure his last name isn't really "Beacon?") Someone—he, an editor, a copy editor—clearly ran the article through a spellchecker, and mindlessly clicked "accept all changes." And so we have Anal Charles, preparing to get pounded by Pittsburgh on Monday night.


Update, 10:20 EST: And it's been fixed, except for one McGee in place of "McGahee."

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