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And Here's A Woman Stumbling Out Onto The Court During Tonight's Nuggets-Lakers Playoff Game [UPDATE]

We're used to our idiots on the field being male and at baseball games, but stereotypes be damned! We had a woman try to join the action in Denver tonight as the Nuggets and Lakers wound down the first half of their Game Four matchup.


Hopefully we'll get an I.D. or some kind of explanation soon, because this is a bit bizarre. We're also somewhat surprised this doesn't happen more often; it's a lot easier to make your way onto a basketball court than it is a baseball field. [TNT]

Update (11:12 p.m.): From Craig Sager, via the broadcast transcript:

The woman apparently randomly walking on to the floor. However this lady has a history with the Nuggets. I talked to a couple detectives, Detective Todd Eriksson who grabbed her and walked her off the court. Said several years ago she was found stalking, following several players, basically banned from the arena. She got in tonight. Taken off. Taken over to the security area back here where — where, supervisor of the police department, Sergeant Larry Subia, obviously handled the case. They have charged her with trespassing. ironically this was Sergeant Subia's perhaps final game after 34 years as a supervisor and working in the police department. 30 of those here at the Denver Nuggets. He is retiring end of the year. And if the Nuggets don't force Game Six his final game.

The woman probably enjoys the chant "D-FENS."