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And Here's How The Clemens Case Might Did End In A Mistrial On Day Two (UPDATE: Mistrial!)

The NY Daily News is all over this one, as things change by the minute.

Clemens' lawyer Rusty Hardin is moving for a mistrial, after the prosecutors showed jurors a video that contained evidence that had been barred before the trial started. The video showed Rep. Elijah Cummings questioning Clemens' testimony before congress, and Cummings read from Laura Pettitte's affadavit, in which she states her husband had told her that Clemens used HGH. This had previously been ruled inadmissible by District Court Judge Reggie Walton.


Walton told prosecutors this was a "1st-year law student mistake," and that "I don't see how I unring the bell."

UPDATE: Judge Walton has declared a mistrial, placing the blame solely on the government's prosecutors. Jeff Novitzky will get his white whale someday.

Judge considering mistrial in Roger Clemens case [NYDN]

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