Everybody knows what today is. The importance of it, what's at stake, all that. There's no way to avoid it. Whoever walks away with the most colored areas from the CNN map tonight, it'll be a good thing. Tomorrow we'll at least be able to look forward to something different in 2009. Those who did vote today, congratulations for being part of history. (Now go pay your back taxes!) For those who didn't, that's okay too. Get 'em next time. Please feel free to discuss whatever is on your mind in this space tonight. Try to be respectful of other opinions and try not to get too Huffington Post-y. Tomorrow: Bill Romanowski interview will come. Sorry about that. Today, I was a little derailed in dealing with a certain angry New England Patriots cheerleader. For a young girl, she parries well. We'll see how it all works out. Hopefully, nobody has to lose a part-time job over it. Oh, and this old SI cover featuring Bill Clinton is quite ridiculous:

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