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Patriots Other Young Cheerleader Follows Well-Traveled Path to Stardom

Back in June, the Patriots unveiled their 2008 cheerleading squad and one particular newbie dominated the headlines of boob-centric sports blog nation. Her name was Rebecca Lucas, whose young age and even younger- looking appearance set into motion a domino effect of scumbag sleuthing to find a photo of the winsome young lass. Overlooked in all of the Lucas hub-bub was another Foxboro area high school student trying out for the team named Caitlin Davis. She was also a senior in high school at the time, approaching the opportunity with awestruck, just-happy-to-be-here humility, as noted in this interview she did with the Sun Chronicle during the tryout process. And now the cruel irony, for Davis said in her interview one of her motivating factors for becoming a Pats cheerleader was the thrill of doing community service appearances:

"That's what I did growing up with my church youth group," she said of helping charitable organizations like Habitat For Humanity and food pantries with the Mansfield Church of Christ. "In addition to spreading a good image for the Patriots, you do some good things for others," she said.

Caitlin appears to be taking that good-image spreading to heart, in the form of drawing penis pictures on her drunk friend.



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