Even after watching this (literally) 12 times last night, I still can't get enough of it. SBNation had this vid up pretty early so we'll give those lovable bastards the nod.

But, seriously, and I hate, hate, hate to put you non-Philadelphia people through this all over again since last October on Deadspin was littered with non-stop boner typing but, damn, the sound of ball-meets-Rollins-bat could crack open the sky. Even Chip Caray sounds like Vin Scully on that call.

Of course, there is still one game to go and even though the Phillies appear unstoppable right now, the sticky film from years of downtrodden loser-dom are tough to wash off. Honestly — a Philadelphia team just can't be this good. It's so disorienting.

I promise I'll keep my pants zipped up throughout the rest of the playoffs and keep most of the updates limited to nonsensical face-typing when things go ridiculously well. Okay — I'll try. I will fail, but dammit, I'll try.


And how can you not love this photo? Or this one?

New vid courtesy of The700level.com