And Now For Your U.K. Weather, Where The Forecast Is "Bucketloads Of Cunt"

This is from Alex Deakin's 10:00 weather report last night on BBC 1, which forecast near-freezing temperatures in southern England and frost warnings in Scotland, northern England and parts of Wales.


Also, "bucketloads of cunt."

I can't profess to being fluent in cheeky Britishisms, so I don't know if that's a phrase across the pond or not. (A quick Google suggests that no, it is not.) Nor is Deakin saying "bucketloads of come," which actually is a phrase, albeit an unsavory one to consider—he definitely says "cunt." It's possible, I suppose, that he was trying to say "bucketloads of come" for reasons best left to the imagination, then realized it halfway through the word; he then applied the first consonant sound that came to mind, which happened to be a "t."

How he got either word out instead of "sunshine," which is what he was supposed to say (and did so successfully on later weather reports with the same script on BBC 2 and BBC News 24) is the true mystery here. For now, enjoy the exasperation of Mr. Deakin.