And Now Louisville Is Headed To The ACC

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After Maryland decided to ditch the ACC for the Big Ten last week, the ACC was expected to move quickly to add a 14th member. That happened early this morning, when the ACC voted to add Louisville during a conference call. From

The ACC chose Louisville because it had the strongest football program of any available school in addition to an elite basketball program. It also adds a new geographic market. There had been a small amount of resistance heading into the ACC's 7 a.m. call on Wednesday because of the school's low academic profile.

There had been a small amount of resistance ... because of the school's low academic profile. You've got to admire the ACC's pretense here. Having someone put it out there that they thought about that academic crap before they rang up the cash register really is a nice touch. Louisville is the sixth Big East member the ACC has poached. But what about those left behind in what is essentially Conference USA?

The ACC has also been also contacted by Connecticut, [South Florida], Cincinnati and Navy. None of those schools are being sought after by other leagues, meaning that if the ACC moves to 16 schools there's no rush to add one of them now.


The Big East requires 27 months' notice and a $10 million exit fee, which Louisville will have to negotiate. Meanwhile, the ACC still intends to sue Maryland for leaving it behind.