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And The Alex Rodriguez Affair Saga Takes Another Wild, Unsubstantiated Turn For The Unequivocally Absurd

So, it appears that Alex Rodriguez won't shed the tabloid front pages that easily. This time, however, he's not the one who's allegedly having an affair with a haggard old pop star — it's his wife.

From Radar, new designated tabloid scoop-ruiner:

Is there more than one cheater in the Rodriguez family? We have no idea if this is true or not, but we're just gonna go ahead and put it out there because it's probably going to be all over the tabloids in the next few days: we're hearing from several sources at the gossip weeklies that A-Rod's blonde wife, Cynthia Rodriguez, has been stepping out on her stripper-loving third baseman husband with none other than singer Lenny Kravitz.

Cynthia has been noticeably absent as rumors of her husband's affair with Madonna have swirled (rumors, it should be noted, which have been strongly denied by Madonna's camp). We're told the reason is because she's actually in Paris with Kravitz right now.


Question: Would you feel more dirty and ashamed for having sex with Madonna or that your wife has been banging Lenny Kravitz?

As if A-Rod's not having a tough enough week already, Shanoff just somehow sprinkled him with some magic Hebrew blog dust and made him Jewish.


The next story in this sage will most likely reveal that Rodriguez's mother has been having an affair with Brett Favre and then, somehow, the last 24 hours would make so much more sense.

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