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And This Is How "Why Can't Us?" Came To Be...

Why Can't Us?
by dano609

Thankfully, The 700 Level has finally found the original XM radio interview featuring "Marty" from Delaware warbling about the Phillies and causing thousands of English teachers all across the Delaware Valley to spontaneously combust into a heap of charred khakis. (AUDIO: Courtesy of XM Radio)Yes, the "Why Can't Us?" movement has gotten a little bit out of control (btw, wearing a T-shirt right now) and many, many Philadelphians are complaining about its popularity due to "how stupid it makes everyone look", etc. This isn't surprising given the city's long-standing inferiority complex. Here's a thought: Embrace this. It's fun. World Series! Hooray! You dopes. If the Phillies win, it becomes quirky and endearing. If the Phillies lose, well, it's business as usual. Show some pride, Philadelphia: Our idiocy could be the path to righteousness. Why Can't Us?: How one phone call started a movement [The 700 Level]

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