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And Without Any Further Blowups ... Game 6

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Difficult to add much more to everything else that's out there: It's Game 6, the Heat are a game away from winning the NBA Title, Mark Cuban is $250,000 lighter and downright dog-nutty, Dwyane Wade getting his legend on and the referrees looking over their shoulders, making sure no one's got a shiv.


We, like you, kind of can't wait. And just to get you appropriately thrilled, here, via True Hoop, is video of Shaquille O'Neal's first game. He was somewhat more agile, back in the day.

We'll probably stay up to post after the game, so feel to come back and chat along while it's going. Please let there not be a bad call that goes against the Mavericks to decide it. Cuban might spontaneously combust.

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(UPDATE: Well, well, look who just loves Bill Simmons' new column.)

(SECOND UPDATE: True Hoop is live-blogging the game, by the way.)

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