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Andray Blatche Ran Out Of Gas On A New Jersey Highway After The Nets Game Last Night

The Nets won their home-opener in Brooklyn last night amidst chants from a capacity crowd. The win itself was a little lackadaisical-remember how everyone wondered whether Deron Williams would go back to defending his position now that the Nets are good? Kyle Lowry had 28, 8 and 8-but it was a win, and Nets newcomer Andray Blatche contributed seven points and two rebounds in his 15 minutes off the bench. Good start! Then, in both typical Andray Blatche fashion and, for the moment, typical tri-state area fashion, Andray ran out of gas in New Jersey on his way home.


(The picture of a gas gauge pointed at "empty" is the one he put on Instagram.)

Repondents answered Blatche's first question with, "nowhere in ny or nj," tried to direct him ("by MetLife there's a gas station with gas lol") and, post-Instagram, speculated as to the make of the car ("u in a rolls royce arent u? damnnn"). Blatche chided someone who noted the disparity between his many millions and his total lack of gas, saying, "think about wat ur sayin there is no gas n nyc because of hurricane sandy," which is true. A troll took the opportunity to inform the big man of his happiness that Blatche is no longer with the Wizards, to which Blatche responded, "lol me too your point." Wizards forward Chris Singleton was also being…unhelpful:

In the end, the episode illustrates both how widespread the consequences of natural disaster can be, and that Andray Blatche should not have left the Barclays Center without enough gas to get home last night. For the record, $220 is price-gouging (unless the gas was delivered to his stalled, car, maybe?) and Blatche apparently missed out on the first day of gas rationing in New Jersey. We have a feeling he can absorb the cost on this one.

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