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Andrew Luck Has A Lacerated Kidney

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Shit just keeps going wrong for the Indianapolis Colts. Just days removed from an impressive win over the Denver Broncos, the team announced that quarterback Andrew Luck has a lacerated kidney.


From the Colts’ official website:

“The injuries happened at the end of an early fourth quarter scramble when Andrew was doing everything he could to get us the win,” said Head Coach Chuck Pagano. “Andrew was sore after the game and was feeling a little worse Monday afternoon so we sent him to get tests.”

The tests revealed a laceration in one of Luck’s kidneys and a partial tear of an abdominal muscle. The injuries should not require surgery and full recovery from both is expected within two to six weeks.

“It’s way too early to guess how long Andrew will be out,” said Pagano. “We’re going to keep listening to the doctors and evaluating his progress on a week by week basis. We’ve got all the confidence in the world in Matt Hasselbeck and we’re not going to put Andrew back out there until he’s healed and ready to go.”


You know what’s insane? The Jaguars are probably going to win the AFC South.

Update: Here’s the hit that reportedly injured Luck:

Photo via Getty


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