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Andrew Luck: I Still Haven’t Thrown A Real Football

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Andrew Luck missed all of the 2017 season. At Colts minicamp today, he spoke with reporters for the first time in 2018. How’s his rehab from injury going?


It’s going. Luck says he’s making progress and he wants to be able to go through a full training camp. He also says he “pushed a little too hard” last fall, which may have caused another setback. He also says he’s just excited to go to work! Man, last year must have been really rough.

But there is one caveat. Late last month, Colts coach Frank Reich said Luck was throwing footballs again. Those weren’t actual regulation footballs. Luck has yet to throw a real football in 2018. From the press conference:

Question: Last we’ve heard, you were throwing a smaller football. Have you progressed to throwing “The Duke”? [Note: The Duke is the official name of the NFL game ball; Luck wasn’t asked if he was throwing John Wayne around.]

Luck: No, I’ve not picked up “The Duke” and started throwing it yet, and I don’t want to skip steps. I’m trusting the process that I’m in right now very very much and I’m trusting myself in this process and when the time is right, I’ll pick it up.


Perhaps, soon, Andrew Luck will step up from the Nerf Turbo Screamer Football and onto a regulation NFL football. Perhaps.

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