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Andrew McCutchen Gets Hit By A 101 M.P.H. Fastball, Shows Us What A Badass He Is

We've previously alerted you to the greatness of Andrew McCutchen, and last night he made us swoon once again. Even though his team lost 3-0 in the opening game of a series against the Cincinnati Reds, McCutchen gave us the highlight of the game when he took an Aroldis Chapman fireball square on the arm, and then refused to show any signs of pain or even rub the spot where he was hit. Instead, McCutchen whipped his shin guard towards the dugout, sauntered down to first base, and sent an icy glare in Chapman's direction:


If I ever got hit on the arm by a fastball like that, I'd probably lose control of my bowels and bladder simultaneously before sobbing myself to death.

Andrew McCutchen is a bad man, and you better not forget it.

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