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Andrew McCutchen became a reluctant transplant to right field this season after he pretty much bombed out of center. The move happened after a long and cold standoff between McCutchen and the Pirates—one that very nearly led to him being traded—but eventually the Pirates “convinced” McCutchen to move over and let Starling Marte patrol center.

Then Marte got popped for PEDs, and is out for 80 games this season, which means Cutch back in center for now.


Marte’s suspension was announced Tuesday afternoon, and on Tuesday night Cutch made a sprinting catch at the wall in the right-center gap. After the play, Cutch pounded his chest and appeared to say, “This is my spot. This is my spot,” while pointing to center field.

Maybe Cutch will play great in center over the next 80 games and get a revenge tour. Most likely, the Pirates will try to move him back to right as soon as Marte returns from his suspension, and if the GIF above is any indication, that transition could be just as difficult as the last one.

Staff writer at Deadspin.

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