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The Andy-Murray-shared-a-post-surgery-x-ray-of-his-hip-in-which-the-outline-of-his-dong-is-clearly-visible story is somehow entering its third day, and Murray, for one, is over it.

Good Morning Britain host Piers Morgan said on-air (video here) that he received a text from the two-time Wimbledon champ that said, “Please can you stop discussing my genitals on national TV, I was heavily medicated at the time of posting.”


The Scotsman wrote that Morgan worked the photo, which Murray posted on Instagram on Tuesday, into a conversation about celebrities and selfie sticks: “But didn’t he reveal his X-ray? Which did in fact suggest he did have a massive stick.”


After reading the text from Murray on air, Morgan said, “If there’s one thing worse than accidentally posting what turned out to be a very flattering picture in an X-ray, it would be the reverse, it would be the opposite, where you reveal your shortcomings to the world.”

Leave it to Piers Morgan to ruin some wholesome penis jokes. Anyhow, Murray seems to have moved on.


Reporter at Deadspin.

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