Andy Murray Shares Status Updates On His Hip, Dong

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Andy Murray announced today that he is recovering from a hip resurfacing, which will hopefully relieve the chronic hip pain that is forcing him into a sad, untimely retirement. The surgery involves shaving down the end of the femur and coating it in cobalt chromium metal so that it can move smoothly within the hip joint. Doubles star Bob Bryan underwent the procedure last August and, this month, was back in the quarterfinals of the Australian Open.

Murray said on Instagram that he feels “battered and bruised” after the surgery, but with time, perhaps his first-round Australian Open exit won’t be the last match of his professional career. He proudly showed off his new metal-enhanced hip joint (and more) in the X-ray in the second slide here:


The hip is rebuilt; the hog is intact. The comment section is an inspired mix of well-wishes and “Oi that’s your knob, innit?” Great news all around.