Andy Reid's Rugrats Are Terror Behind The Wheel

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Lost in all the Super Bowl business this week — and by that, we mean a bunch of people in faded Hawaiian shirts walking around convention centers looking bored — has been some rather wild news coming out about Eagles coach Andy Reid's sons. Sounds like they have some issues with their transportation modules, and their decisions while operating them.

The eldest son of Eagles coach Andy Reid admitted using heroin on the same day he was involved in a traffic accident. The affidavit enabled police to obtain search warrants that led to the discovery of two handguns, ammunition, white powder and other items in two vehicles and the Main Line home owned by the veteran Eagles coach.


These whole incidents started because of two separate incidents on the same day involving each of Reid's son. The oldest one, Garret, is the one with the heroin; the youngest one, Britt, had a "Remington police magnum," road rage and "a pharmacy bottle bearing Britt Reid's name and having a 'green leafy' substance inside. Details are still coming out on both. Reid has five children, so rather than dwell on the negative, let's accentuate the positive: Three of his kids have not been arrested in the last few days.

Police: Reid Son Admits To Using Heroin []