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Andy Roddick Gets A Question Andy Roddick Doesn't Like, Storms Out Of Press Conference

Andy Roddick is known for three things, basically: he is an American who can serve tennis balls at high speeds, he is married to Brooklyn Decker, and he is a rather petulant subject with the press, or simply with authority.


Roddick, we've learned over the years, has an ear for silly questions. And tennis reporters, it must be said, ask a lot of silly questions.

Accordingly, we've seen plenty of Roddick's breakdowns. And a Roddick who has just been upset in the first round of a tournament is, by nature, a much more petulant Roddick than the normally petulant Roddick. Today, he lost to South African giant Kevin Anderson in the first round of the China Open, 6-4 7-5. After the match, a Chinese reporter asked our boy if he was considering retirement, which is, this reporter should have known, as useless a pursuit as tickling Bill Belichick.

Roddick, 29, told the reporter, "I think you should retire." And then he stood up and went to his room and slammed the door behind him and he's not coming out unless there are fish sticks for dinner.

H/T Busted Racquet.