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Andy Van Slyke Hints That Clayton Kershaw Wants Yasiel Puig Off The Dodgers

Andy Van Slyke, a former MLB player turned coach who is also the father of Dodgers outfielder Scott Van Slyke, had some juicy gossip from Chavez Ravine that he kept to himself by sharing it on a St. Louis radio show. According to Van Slyke, someone [Clayton Kershaw], and Van Slyke isn’t the type to name names [Clayton Kershaw!], but one unnamed Dodgers player [CLAYTON KERSHAW] on the Dodgers wants Yasiel Puig off the team.

On today’s show, Frank Cusumano of CBS Sports 920AM asked Van Slyke for his thoughts on Puig. Van Slyke prefaced his take with “This is just between you and I,” despite the fact that he was clearly on a radio show:

When the best player - the highest paid player on the Los Angeles Dodgers - goes to the GM asked what are (the needs of the Los Angeles Dodgers), this particular highest-paid player said, ‘The first thing you need to do is get rid of Puig.’ That’s all you need to know.


By definition, there is only one highest-paid player on the Dodgers. Cusumano guessed that it was Adrian Gonzalez; Van Slyke said no. Cusumano correctly followed up by mentioning Kershaw, to which Van Slyke said, “I didn’t say his name.”

You can listen to the audio—Segment 3, at roughly two minutes in—here. Andy had two ways out, and took neither of them. Don’t tell Andy Van Slyke anything, he’s bad at secrets.

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