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Anger Is A Gift: More Angry Readers Defend Brett Favre

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The first batch of some of the more colorful pro-Favre/anti-El Turdo emails ran on Saturday. Here are more. Hope you guys are holding up. The Favre dong deluge should subside. Eventually.


Yes, We Paid Fat People Who Eat Taco Bell A Handsome Sum Of Money For The Information

Your website, publishing, writer/editor credibility, information, professionalism, etc, etc, on and on is about as realiable and unreadable as the National Enquirer. Your source data is that of hacks and fat people eating a pound of taco bell at 3am. So my tip for you is you can suck my tip!


Never reading your website again asslickers! — Donny O.

Kurt Probably Just Came Here For Katie Baker's Stories


I just wanted to express my displeasure over they way your site has handled the Favre allegations regarding Jenn Sterger. I used to visit your site for sports but now consider it to be on par with the National Enquirer. The story may or may not be true but to post nude images of anyone's genitalia is lewd in itself and discredits your site. Also, the initial posting of the accusations in August without source approval or consent was wrong and breaks a number of journalism "codes" in my opinion. I will no longer visit your site.

Thank you for your time.

Kurt Muellner

Charlotte, NC

Lindsey Doesn't Love Favre, Just Hates Me

I'm not a big Brett Favre guy. I admit it's kind of funny because he does seem to be a bit of a knob. I gota say though dude, your a shallow piece of shit . how does a person waist there lives leaching off other peoples fuck ups even look at themselves in the mirror. your parents should be embarrassed of you. — Lindsey L.


This Person Forgot To Add "BOOM! ROASTED" At The End Of Their Letter

Why are you such a closet homo? You got nothing better to do then write about favre you queerbait fucktard? Your nothing but a failure and should probably kill yourself. Dumb fucking faggot. I own you. — S. Witit

Hey, I Love Barstool Sports, Jr. Too

You ban me from posting comments because I made a chauvinistic, yet you post pictures of Brett Favres dick like it's going out of style. I guess Deadspin really is just for fags. Fuckin homos. I'll stick to Barstool from now on! — Kevin J. Moniz


Oh, Does The LA Times Publish Cock Shots?

Favre scandle is NOT true. My own personal investigation found; 1.) doesn't sound like Favre on voicemails 2.)one of the cock pics the guy has brown forearm hair, Favre's is blonde 3.) favre has hand veins, which are not visible on the pictures.
God you guys are assholes for reporting such a fake story which a kid in college can dis-prove just looking at some simple pictures off Google.

Go get a life you scum-bag wannabe LA Times writer.— Jonathan K.

Anna Actually CC'd Roger Goodell On This Email. Really.

I just became familiar with your website courtesy of your story suggesting that Brett Favre sent voicemails and photos to some chick working for the Jets. Did you guys put that piece together yourselves? We can't stop laughing at how you guys said "The voicemails become more desperate". Seriously? I thought your slogan was "unbiased" sports reporting or whatever. That's not unbiased. That's an entire story you put together based on speculation. If you felt there was a crime going on, why didn't you report it to the authorities? Instead you decide you'd rather profit off of it and put it on your website?

I can't believe the NFL is even taking this seriously. Considering players do this all the time. Didn't Bill Belichick actually go after some receptionist at the Giant's org and later had to testify at her divorce proceedings? How is that any different? The only difference I can see is that if Bill ever sent the Giants chick some photos or texts – YOU GUYS didn't get your hands on them to display them to the world.

Those pictures your story implied were of Favre look like you scanned them off of an old Playgirl. How long did you guys work on the edits to that story? Too funny! If you guys had any cred in the industry, you just turned it on its ass. You are now the TMZ of sports. — Anna Z.


Patrick Has A Low Opinion Of Star Trek Fans

Get a life, you must be some geek loser who loves star trek....nothing will come of this Favre bullshit, but you will still be a never getting laid loser. What goes around comes around dick!

Sent from my iPad

ME: What's Star Trek?

My problem is this man has a family with children and you have pressed to drag this story on when the young lady didn't want to go with it. Your a low class bottom feeder that gets enjoyment out of ruining other peoples lives, your a disgrace and so is dead spin. Do something good with your life instead of bringing a good man down that helps people less fortunate. And the star trek comment is because you strike me as a guy who probably still lives at home with your mommy and goes to star trek conventions with your nerd herd. Viking nation never me! Be a man and come to the game tomorrow night, show your face to us all and explain your article....if your man enough, no violence, just conversation.

Sent from my iPad

Brett Favre Is The Heart And Soul Of The American People

I am baffled at your stories & this so called website. Before you think you have a "story" please make sure you have all your facts straight. You have absolutely no solid proof of the Brett Favre scandal. It's only obvious how intentional and desperate this story represents your classless website. If you want numbers for your website, go to a search engine optimization specialist, Im sure they could help out. Where are the phone records? Where is this 3rd party person? A homemade utube video, myspace message a voicemail that sounds so fabricated and fixed….Really?
Your story is so bogus! It also disgusts me how the highlight of your day is to be so obsessed with the man and others to put garbage out there without backing up any of your information. Being Ridiculous, Ignorant & classless is a horrible representation for this website. So if you have any integrity and when this story proves your wrong, i will be looking forward to your Apology to the American people!


And A Bleacher Report Writer Apologizes

Here's Michael Priebe's first email sent Friday night:

I have some information for you regarding BF and your most recent string of investigations into misbehavior on his part.
Be assured, I am going to fucking ruin you in exactly the same way you are actively pursuing the demolition of a man's life and career. You can investigate me and the information I'm about to give you very carefully.
I would just like to propose to you that your personal health and ability to feed and bathe yourself may be more valuable than your most recent "career" endeavors. If you do not stop this thing dead in its tracks over the weekend, you find yourself living a debilitated existence.
Feel free to investigate me, trace my e-mail and look into this situation as deeply as you wish.
Consider the options friend. - Michael Priebe


His Apology:

I apologize for my e-mail the other night. It was immature and not professional in any sense of the word. While I disagree with the basic premise of your website and, more importantly the manner and voracity of your attempts to singlehandedly ignite an athlete's demise, that is not an excuse for my impulsive rant. I know you will continue to do what you do, but I do not wish you success in those endeavors.
Again, my apologies.
Michael Priebe

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