LeBron was interviewed by Don Lemon about the opening of his I PROMISE School in Akron, Ohio, a public non-charter school offering free education to at-risk kids from LeBron’s hometown, with a free-tuition pipeline to the University of Akron available to graduates. It’s worth noting that LeBron and President Dipshit now have educational ventures in common, but where LeBron’s school is designed to provide a resource to underprivileged children in an otherwise distressed community, Trump’s school was described as a façade and a fraud scheme by its own former employees. According to a lawsuit brought by the state of New York in 2013, Trump University functioned as “an elaborate bait-and-switch” and charged students thousands of dollars “for lessons they never got.” Trump University was open for just five years, and eventually cost its founder $25 million in legal settlements to get out from under three lawsuits.

It’s very on brand for Trump to watch an interview wherein the world’s greatest living athlete describes the motivation and goals of a commendable new educational venture, and then lash out rudely on Twitter because that athlete owned him online.