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Angry Driver Versus Cyclists Makes For Great Roadside Screaming Match

Drivers and cyclists getting into confrontations is a thing that happens so often that it's hardly ever worth pointing out, but this is a special circumstance.

We pick up the action after one or more of these cyclists did something to anger a man who was presumably on his way to the gym or the tanning salon. The angry dude, flanked by cyclists whose mere existence really gets under his skin, just yells and yells and yells. The absurdity of the situation rises with each passing minute, giving way to body-shaming ("You're 100 lbs. overweight! Go bike, get going!" "Hey, hey, hey, easy, uh ... CrossFit"), a discussion of relevant biking experience ("When I was a little boy I pedaled a bike, like a sissy girl!"), and a denial of steroid usage ("I've never used a drug in my life. There's some people that actually have a level of testosterone that allows them to build muscle").

The best part about this scene, though, is the fact that nobody involved has any compelling reason to be there. The angry guy could just drive away instead of nearly having a aneurysm. The cyclists could just bike away instead of responding to the guy like kids trying to agitate a fish in an aquarium. Instead, we get nearly seven minutes of stupid, hilarious confrontation.

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