We still have some solid matchups, but so few games this afternoon. But that's good because, like my grandmother always said "Too much of anything is good for nothing." As always, chat about the games and how my grandmother clearly never saw money before in her life down in the comments.

Baltimore at Seattle (CBS): If the most interesting man in the world drinks Dos Equis, Joe Flacco drinks bud cans. He does have that rocket arm, though. Here's your narrative: Flacco and the Ravens looking to "build on" their victory against the Steelers and not "lose that momentum." The Seahawks are looking to "grow" and "learn" from the Dallas game.

NY Giants at San Francisco (FOX): Speaking of narratives, the Daily News busted out the old "team building chemistry by watching film together" story, complete with horror film/Frank Gore puns. "Players are hoping that all those extra film sessions will help. Linebacker Mathias Kiwanuka said the squad saw evidence of that last week, when it held the New England Patriots to 104 yards rushing. It was Big Blue's best defensive performance since the Rams rushed for just 59 yards in Week 2." [NY daily News]

Detroit at Chicago (FOX): It seems like only yesterday we were subjected to the shittiest seven minutes of the NFL, yet here we are again. To spice things up, Calvin Johnson has promised some kind of celebration if he scores in Chicago as it is the sight of that infamous rule that now bears his name. "Johnson and others are still haunted by the touchdown that wasn't in last year's opener." Haunted. [Freep]


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