Angry Ram Makes Mincemeat Out Of Punching Bag

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The first 1:45 of this video is solid YouTube material. An angry ram (named, appropriately, Angry Ram) repeatedly ramming a punching bag is pretty entertaining to watch. But then Angry Ram absolutely murders the punching bag and makes you realize you had just been watching Mildly Unhappy Ram, not Angry Ram. Then comes the best part: Angry Ram chases the fucking punching bag down a hill to make sure that it is dead!

Angry Ram's previous claim to fame was taking down a drone, which is admittedly pretty goddamn cool. But if you thought Angry Ram was just picking on some small potatoes targets like punching bags and little flying metal machines, think again.


That's right, Angry Ram will take on a six-ton digger. Angry Ram doesn't care how big you are. Seriously, watch the video if only to hear the sound Angry Ram's head hitting the digger makes.

While Angry Ram seems to belong to a guy who has a lot of land in Australia, I wondered for a minute whether Angry Ram is really Angry Ram™ and some viral marketing scheme. Then I realized I don't care. If Angry Ram is marketing, then consider me marketed to successfully.


h/t Jeff