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Anna Benson Will Fight For Her Right For Fur

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While doing some followup "research" after yesterday's Anna Benson dustup, we came across her official Web site, and, more specifically, her angry "Letter To Peta" found at the bottom of the site's front page. (It's one of them fancy Flash sites, so we can't link you here. Just go there and check it out, it's very easy.)


Anyway, apparently Anna is no fan of PETA and their anti-fur protests. To say the least. From her open letter to the organization:

And where did you get the idea that animals should have the same rights as mentally challenged people? Maybe we should let animals compete in the Special Olympics as well? You re suggesting that they have the same mental capabilities, so why not? You are all fucking crazy and idiotic for being so radical and one sided about animals. They have, like, two cells in their little animal heads, but I think natural instinct helps them understand that they are here to eat and be eaten.

And I also think that the animal gods understand that, in the big scheme of things, some animals must give up their fur to keep me warm just like some humans must give up their lives because Mr. Bear didn t like them walking through his woods. Besides, if animals were not killed some, they would take over the earth, multiplying exponentially, and our resources would be jeopardized. Your idiot-based campaigns make me want to go kill some deer.

We're hardly huge PETA boosters, but, for the record, we would very much like to see dogs compete in the Special Olympics.

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