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Announcements: Threaded Comments For Your Viewing Pleasure

There's a new comment thread thing that I am utterly clueless about and lack the tech-geek wherewithal to properly explain. I have just been notified that this is apparently active right now. Who's fired the fuck up? KOGOD informed me that it " in a totally cool way" which isn't much of a ringing endorsement, but it'll suffice. Luckily, the genius crew at Lifehacker has a very helpful guide to the new system. Including basics like "What is Threaded Commenting?"

Threading is a way to make comments read more like conversations instead of a bunch of disconnected single replies. Now, when someone says something interesting enough to get replies from other readers, all those replies will appear directly below the original comment. Each of these blocks is called a "thread"—kind of like in Gmail. The first comment in a thread will have a few distinguishing features, among them, the number of replies in the thread along with the time of the most recent reply.


See? Helpful? No? Fine. Anyway, there is a "classic" button which will let you enjoy your commenting abilities as usual without all the threading and stuff. (I think.) If you do have any comments about the new system, the invaluable Rob Iracane has volunteered his email address to make note of your welcome opinions. He is at : Threaded comments now at Lifehacker [Lifehacker]

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