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Announcer Says Cowboys WR Cole Beasley Is "Unbeas-lievable," Cole Beasley Vomits

Despite the sickening pun, Cole Beasley finished the game with seven catches for 104 yards. He also threw up a lot. Beasley says it was no big deal, he just got the wind knocked out of him on a hit and he landed on the ball. He also says he throws up a lot.

"I was tired," he said. "But the reason I came off was because I landed on the ball and the ball knocked the wind out of me and made me have to throw up a little bit. Being tired had a little bit to do wit hit, but it was more the ball knocking the air out of me. You'll probably see me throw up a lot more than just then. I throw up a lot before the games, too. I'm not ashamed of it at all.

The habitual vomiting, however, might not be the most interesting part about Beasley. Earlier this month, the third string wide receiver quit camp for two days because of some personal issues and the Cowboys took him back.

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