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Illustration for article titled Annoying Superhuman Lawyer-To-Be Makes Life More Difficult For The Rest Of Us

This weekend, we went to a Derby Day party and a friend's 30th birthday, ate way too much food and kind of spent our Sunday afternoon on the couch watching old episodes of "Lost" and trying to recuperate. (We're still not quite there yet, and it's Tuesday.) Weekends like that are why people like Dan McGrath are so annoying.

McGrath is a second-year law student at Notre Dame, and an occasional marathon runner. Well, perhaps "occasional" doesn't quite cover it. This weekend, he flew home to Long Island to run the Long Island Marathon ... won it ... and then got back to South Bend in time to take a Jurisprudence final at 9 a.m. Monday morning.


Guys like Dan McGrath honestly ruin it for the rest of the planet. Be a superhuman, be a lawyer ... just pick one, man. The rest of us can't keep up.

Hottie Runner Wins Long Island Marathon, Nails Jurisprudence Final [Ladies ...]

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