$4.5 million. That's what the Chicago Tribune's Notre Dame source says it would take to get rid of Charlie Weis after four seasons. Even though there's been no indication from ND's athletic director that he'll be booted, it appears some of the influential alumni members are ready to move on. The Tribune says that "a consensus is building among sources with ties to Notre Dame that Weis is in danger of being fired after four seasons." Really. How come?:

"He has built zero relationships at the school," one source said. "It has been all about him and his ego."

Oh. Right. That whole thing. They're just realizing this now? Do these ND deep throats also know that Charlie Weis has a weight problem? Either way, it appears more and more that ND's game against USC could very well be a battle for Charlie Weis' job. That means Jimmy Clausen could very well take a knee after every snap. Sources: Weis' Notre Dame buyout is smaller than believed [Chicago Tribune]