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Anonymous Blogs Are Sometimes Great

In the tradition of the outstanding, an angry (and hilarious) anti-Romo site written anonymously in the voice of Drew Bledsoe (the site was ultimately revealed to be the work of Straight Cash, Homey), comes The Nation Of Islam Sports Blog. It's a blog about sports through the unique prism of the Nation of Islam. A sample taste:

A young, WHITE female USC cheerleader's buttocks were exposed in all their orbital glory. The onion shaped booty, free of the obstruction of the expected fabric overture, bouncing and rippling in a glorious display of athleticism and rhythmic undulation. Now, certainly as a Negro man, this tantalizing display of white gluteal magnificence was appreciated. And, in the future, encouraged. But, despite this obvious effort to distract the Negro viewer from the objectification of the Negro athletes, one can not help feel that if the cheerleader were a Nubian sister the story would have been buried and ignored.


Slightly offensive, strangely focused and full of lines like "A quick glance at one of the proud HBCU's in Alabama, Alabama State University, shows that the football coach there (a black man) is payed $12.17 an hour to coach his team; a group of young Negroes who DO NOT represent the landowners and plantation descendents that fill the stadium in Tuscaloosa each Saturday in the fall," it's clearly off to a fun start ... assuming, of course, it doesn't go too far and turn into CasteSports.

The Nation Of Islam Sports Blog


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