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Anonymous Seahawk Blames Final Play Call On Anti-Lynch Conspiracy

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It's important to try and understand the bone-deep despair that has no doubt infected the Seattle Seahawks before judging their postgame comments. A certain madness can come from a gut-punch like the one they suffered in the final seconds of Super Bowl XLIX, and that madness can lead to people saying some pretty fucking crazy things.

For example, the anonymous Seahawk who spoke to's Mike Silver after the game, and blamed Pete Carroll's unconscionable play call on the coach's wish to elevate Russell Wilson over Marshawn Lynch:

I'll spare you the numerous "What the (expletive) was he thinking?" mutterings I overheard from people in Seahawks uniforms and refrain from lending any legitimacy to the conspiracy theory which one anonymous player was willing to broach: That Carroll somehow had a vested interest in making Wilson, rather than Lynch, the hero, and thus insisted on putting the ball in the quarterback's hands with an entire season on the line. "That's what it looked like," the unnamed player said, but I'd be willing to bet that he merely muttered it out of frustration, and that it was a fleeting thought.


That is quite the conspiracy theory, and it's the kind of thing that's perfectly suited to find a home in the brain of a very sad man who is trying to make sense out of the senseless. There is no good explanation for Carroll's decision to not give the ball to Lynch, so why not come up with the craziest one possible?

The rest of the Seahawks may not have been feeling as conspiratorial about that final play call, but plenty of them were openly ripping their head coach:

Players turning on their coaches is never a good look, but can you really blame them? Try to imagine how insane you'd be if you'd just lived through a moment like this:



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