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Another 2-Seed In Trouble

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At halftime, the Hoyas lead the Buckeyes by 13. Ashanti Cook and Big Roy Hibbert have 11 each, and Jekel Foster has the same for the Buckeyes.

The game I'm getting, Villanova vs. Arizona, could end up featuring two teams in the 80s. If you like your basketball like I like my women—fast, loose, aggressive, and primarily African-American—then this is the game for you.


Texas vs. N.C. State is also at the half, with Texas enjoying a 5-point lead, thanks in party to 11 points and 3 assists from Daniel Gibson. Brad Buckman, who I believe was on Texas's 1990 team that went to the Elite Eight, has 2 points and 2 boards for the 'Horns. I really just wanted to mention Brad Buckman.

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