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As we mentioned in the developmental league post yesterday, we never really enjoy the NBA All-Star Game, and we're pretty sure you don't either. Not that it particularly matters; it's not for us, it's for them, the players. It's in New Orleans this year, so everyone gets to go absolutely batshit crazy, and they get to look socially conscious for it. Best of everything!


Of all the contests and rigmarole around the weekend, we still find the 3-point contest the most ridiculous. It requires skill, sure, but it's almost compulsively dull and oddly random. (Remember, the lowest score ever in a 3-point contest was notched by ... Michael Jordan.) Who wouldn't take H-O-R-S-E?

We hope everyone's better behaved than they were in Las Vegas. They have to be, right?

A Celebration Of All Things D-League [Deadspin]

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