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Another American Basketball Team Brawled In China, And This Time It Involved Throwing Chairs At Spectators [UPDATE]

Details are scarce about this event today in China when a team we're told consists of NBA D-Leaguers brawled with CBA team Zhejiang Lions, leading to chairs being thrown by both teams and—at the very end of this video—by an unidentified American player toward Chinese fans.


The American team is identified as the "New Orleans Hurricanes," which seems an unfortunate choice of names, and Chinese social media sources suggest the argument came about due to neither side understanding each other's language. It seems that sort of thing ought to be sorted out before an exhibition tour of China is launched, but according to Weibo user Shi Shiwu:

Zhejiang and American teams brawled ~~American player No. 17 had a nasty attitude from the start! Was an intense spectacle, tossed mineral waters filled the court. No. 17 picked up a stool and threw it at the spectators, in the end riot police showed up.

Can you identify any of the players involved in this? Let us know.

h/t to Wes & our always-helpful unofficial China correspondent Anthony Tao

Update (4:19 p.m.): The NBA D-League denies any relationship to the "New Orleans Hurricanes" and does not know if any of the players involved are current or former members of the D-League. Furthermore, the players involved do not represent the D-League or any D-League team.