Another Dead Horse At Santa Anita

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Photo: Jae Hong (AP)

A 4-year-old gelding was euthanized at Santa Anita after breaking its pelvis during training, according to a statement released by the track’s owner, the Stronach Group. The horse, named Zeke, pulled up on the training track on Monday and was put down Tuesday. Per the statement:

Veterinarians diagnosed a pelvic fracture. Zeke was initially stable, but, unfortunately, his condition deteriorated later that evening. After consultation with veterinary experts, the owner’s team determined that this type of injury would not be able to be repaired to support continual weight on all four legs, a must for a horse’s survival.

The statement says Zeke is the second horse to die from injuries sustained on the training track in 2019. It omits that 30 horses died at Santa Anita earlier this year during the winter and spring meets.


In March the track shut down briefly after it was revealed that 21 horses had died at the track in two months.


In June, after 28 deaths, the California Horse Racing Board recommended that Santa Anita officials call off the rest of the meet’s races before more horses died. Santa Anita did not. The next day, another horse died. It was only after the 30th death that an investigation was launched and one trainer was banned from the track.

Horse racing at Santa Anita resumes on Sept. 27.