Another Entry For The "Big Ben Is A Cockbag" File

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A senior at Pitt passed along more tales about the putrid personality of the (allegedly) ashen-cocked quarterback. It turns out Roethlisberger's assholery is not reserved just for female bar patrons.

Roethlisberger will be given Roger Goodell's version of a grade school time-out, a personal- conduct violation suspension, where he'll be required to think long and hard about why he finds himself in these sleazy predicaments and is seemingly despised by many of his hometown fans. We wish him the best of luck with that.

Until then, employ the usual skepticism and [sic]-ery.

* Working the door at a local cabana bar, Ben, Hines Ward, and Jerome Bettis rolled up on a night there was a band playing and a $5 cover. Ben, being first in line, flipped out and refused to pay, walking right by me. He said covers were "bullshit" to people of his status. Ward was next and apologized for Ben being a dick, gave me $20 for the two of them and told me to keep the change. Bettis also apologized and gave me $200 and told me to let as many people in as that would cover.


* At a local golf club, Ben was chilling by the pool with Jamie-Lynn Sigler from The Sopranos. I was working and brought them over some towels and Ben cursed me out for bothering him. I already hated the guy and by no means wanted his autograph or even to talk to him. I for sure wasn't expecting a tip, but the dick head couldn't even muster a thank you.

This is not even counting the countless number of friends of mine he's accosted in Pittsburgh's South Side, the trendy bar area. Everyone from here knows he is a big joke and this was a long time coming, except he kept winning super bowls and all was okay. No one here is shocked or surprised by the recent sequence of events at all. I love the Steelers like everyone else here, but the majority of the city has had enough of Ben and is ready to move on without him. Unfortunately his contract will make him un-tradeable, and we are all stuck with this giant tool playing QB.


These are just my personal encounters with Ben. Everyone around here has their own "why Ben is a dick" story, but these are the only ones I know for sure happened.