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Another Excuse To Want To Strangle Joe Buck

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Whatever your thoughts on Joe Buck — and we suspect we know where your feelings on this lie — he has just committed a sin most heinous to pretty much everyone we know: He trashes "Curb Your Enthusiasm," saying, "I am sure the same thing will happen to me in about 2009 when I finally chuckle at one of Larry David's lines from that unwatchable HBO series — I think I am the only person in this hemisphere who finds nothing on that show even remotely entertaining." (Link via the stud named The Mighty MJD.)

This is bad enough, of course — every time we think about the notion of a "live kamikazi pilot" we start cracking up — but then Joe has to bring his dad into it, the great Jack Buck, the source of just about every happy memory we have from our childhood. He quotes one of Pop's poor jokes — we always liked the one about George Steinbrenner's new yacht: "It was a beautiful thing to observe with all thirty oars working in unison." — and it of course suffers next to anything Larry David has even coughed. So, you know, if you needed one more reason to hate Joe, here's another one.


My Turn [The Sporting News] (via The Mighty MJD)

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